Empowering women to live a healthy life with a body they love


Have you lost your sense of connection?

You're stressed, depressed and your health is suffering
You're stuck in a cycle of unhealthy eating and thinking habits
You're exhausted and lacking the energy and confidence to change

I have been there myself

I know how it feels to lose touch with life and your purpose
To be consumed by stress so much that it makes you ill
To feel depleted, giving all your energy away and having no time left for your self
To be in a constant battle with your body and mind
And no matter what you try, you can't seem to change the way you feel
Well, things CAN change!

Hi, I'm Julie Grint

I know you're stressed, feeling stuck and frustrated.

I know that something is occurring in your health and your body right now that you don’t want.

And I know what it’s doing to you!

~ It's messing with your sleep ~ your digestion ~ your weight ~ your mood ~ the way you look.

~ It’s even affecting your relationships!
And the reason I know this? Because that's how I used to feel. Read more

But I don't feel that way anymore - and you don't have to either!

Let me help you get your mind and body reconnected again so you can take ownership of your health, lose stress and learn to love your life.

Working together, we will find the right solutions that work uniquely for you, so that you can:

- create a healthy mindset - replacing destructive habits with new healthy ones

- experience relief from stress - relaxing your mind and body and create new coping strategies

- gain a deeper sense of connection - enhancing your relationship with your self and others

- raise your energetic vibration - giving you more energy, focus and motivation

- take charge of your health - so you can learn to love your self and love your life again

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I have discovered strength and courage I didn’t know I had ... Julie worked with me to reflect and allow me to discover for myself who I am, what I love and my truth.

I am able to be the best version of me.

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