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Intuology with Julie Grint

Look in the mirror,
Love who you see

Intu-ology with Julie Grint

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Julie Grint


Hello! I’m thrilled your heart has brought you here.

I’m Julie, Intuitive Mentor & Guide & Founder of Intu-ology - my unique method that empowers women to harness their feminine power & beauty.

It is my calling to guide women to a place of self-love empowerment, deeply in tune with their bodies and trusting their intuition, so they can take ownership of their health and become the radiant role models they are destined to be.


Learning how to work with your body, not against it, is key to embodying self-love, and achieving the health and life success you desire, and this is what I want to share with you.

Everything you need to be the woman you want to be is already within you, and I can't wait to show you how to access the magic at your fingertips so you can radiate your love, light and beauty out to the world, with confidence and ease.

Now is your time to be the woman you want to be.


Contact me to schedule an appointment so we can chat or dive straight in and book an Intu-ology session.

Work with me

If you've spent a lifetime disconnecting from her,
you'll require guidance to return to her.

All my services are here to guide you back to your true essence.
To a place of safety and freedom in your body, emotionally empowered and loving yourself to the highest possibilities.



1:1 Coaching & Facial Reflexology

Tailored support to help you step back from stress and anxiety and step forward with clarity and calm.

Radiant Woman

28 Day Journey

For the woman who is ready to take her health into her own hands, by utilising her body to harness her intuition and radiate out confidence.

The Way of the Radiant Woman

Group Mentor Circle

Your roadmap to achieving success in your own right! A 6 Month journey to rediscover the unique rhythms of your body

so you can empower your energy & navigate life

with more confidence, ease and flow.

Discover more ways to reach Self-Love Empowerment by visiting my Group Offerings

Workshops & Retreats

*NEW FOR 2023 - The Self-Love Diet!

Rediscover Joy Immersive Retreat in the French Alps!

The Self Love Programme, Hands-on Treatments, Online Courses and Community

“Julie’s approach to Self-Love is special and unique. She met me exactly where I was and gently guided me through sessions to allow me to open up my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This openness has allowed me to be more comfortable with loving myself and be more confident in my relationships. Our work together has strengthened my overall confidence and resilience.”

| Rachel Kolstad Bartz |

When you love and care for yourself, you empower others to do the same!

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