About Julie


Julie Grint

Julie Grint is an Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Guide and Holistic Therapist and is passionate about leading women to health and happiness by aligning them with their feminine power.


Using coaching and energy healing, Julie leads and guides women into a place of empowerment where they learn to utilise their bodies, using facial reflexology, emotional release, health and lifestyle change and transformational coaching to ultimately embody self-love and sovereignty.


Healing herself from the physical and emotional pain that so many women encounter, Julie is now on a mission to educate and empower women by helping them to embrace their unique bodies, and learn how to align with their natural rhythms and cycles, so that they no longer self-loathe but learn how to self-soothe. By placing the power back in their hands, they are empowered to live the life they love, confidently caring for themselves and leading the way for others to do the same.

“Working with Julie has been such a great experience, we've laughed, cried, challenged, worked through tough self loving skills and Julie has shown me that I have the strength to achieve things myself and make them happen. I highly recommend her 12 week programme if you want a positive change, and to work with someone who listens, cares and challenges you into a positive place that you feel is out of reach.”

| L Bundy, Cambs, UK |

Areas of Focus

The emotional and mental symptoms of menopause, such as anxiety, stress, emotional overwhelm, self doubt, lack of confidence, negative self-image


The physical symptoms associated with women's health, soothing hot flashes, aches & pains, lack of energy, skin complaints, dryness, weight gain


My overall focus is to bring the woman closer to herself, confident, restoring balance and giving her the tools to self treat and maintain harmony of body and mind so that she can express her beauty while journeying through menopause and beyond.