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About Julie


From self-hate to self-love

Debilitating menstrual symptoms, severe depression and hating what I saw in the mirror were part of "normal" life for me, until a breakthrough, via Craniosacral therapy in 2010, opened my eyes to the truth about stress, giving me the profound realisation that my body was not the problem, but actually the solution!

This revelation taught me that by utilising my body and reconnecting with my intuition I could empower my health naturally, and so began my journey to uncover the best holistic methods (plus a career change into Holistic Therapy, Health & Life Coaching and Mentoring) to find freedom from past trauma and stress and rediscover my true essence.

When Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology found me in 2018 I was ready to take my health to the next level. Finally I freed myself from hormonal medications and fully restored the natural balance to my menstrual cycle. Finally I felt like the woman I was born to be.

As I transformed so too did my practice and

Intu-ologyTM was born, providing me with what is now my own personal medicine and way of life.


My interest and passion for spirituality and health autonomy is at the core of everything I do and nothing brings me more joy than to share this wisdom with others.

As I head towards mid-life I am excited to become more and more of the woman I am and would love nothing more than for you to come enjoy this journey of transformation and growth with me, so you can become more of who you are too!

Much love,

J x


“Working with Julie has been such a great experience, we've laughed, cried, challenged, worked through tough self loving skills and Julie has shown me that I have the strength to achieve things myself and make them happen. I highly recommend her 12 week programme if you want a positive change, and to work with someone who listens, cares and challenges you into a positive place that you feel is out of reach.”

| L Bundy, Cambs, UK |

Who I help

I love to support women of all ages who want to feel entirely confident in their skin and to understand how to love themselves completely. My clients often want to consider themselves as role models; for their families, their own clients, as well as other women. They want to set a positive example for others in their life.


I work particularly with spiritual women over 40 who are approaching or going through the menopause. Rather than embracing this new stage in our lives, we often hide it and treat it as something to be ashamed of.


This absolutely should not be the case, and I’m here to help women understand their bodies and celebrate everything about them.

Whilst my services are aimed at women, self-love is vital for the health of all humanity. I will always welcome men who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to harness self-love to express their radiance and beauty.

Areas of Focus

Self-love and emotional empowerment, relieving anxiety, stress, emotional overwhelm, self doubt, lack of confidence, negative self-image, dietary & lifestyle change.

Reconnecting with our cyclical rhythms, harmonising with the moon and nature and the 5 elements of TCM.


My overall focus is to bring the woman closer to herself, confident, restoring balance and giving her the tools to self treat and maintain harmony of body and mind so that she can express her beauty while journeying through every stage of her life.


“Julie is an experienced, calm and nurturing coach. I have been working with Julie over the last six weeks and have loved our sessions together. She has gently guided me using different techniques and tools to help me to connect with myself again. As a coach myself, I found it invaluable to take a step back and invest in myself for my self care and my business growth. I recommend Julie to anyone who is feeling stuck and frustrated and wants to live a healthy life with a body they love.”


|Sanchia Aronberg|

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