Working with Julie has been incredible, she has been patient and kind at every step. When faced with challenges and self doubt she has offered guidance and perspective. Through her coaching and support I have discovered strength and courage I didn’t know I had but Julie worked with me to reflect and allow me to discover for myself; who I am, what I love and my truth. We then worked on how I accept, integrate and show these elements of myself without fear or judgement so I am able to be the best version of me.

The journey never ends but the learning and development achieved by working with Julie has changed my life. I now love who I am, what I do and am so grateful for those sharing this incredible, wonderful amazing experience with me.

I would highly recommend giving her a call.


Connecting with Julie has been one of the best investments in my health and well-being that I have made in my lifetime!
I first visited Julie after a health scare in January. I was completely wiped out and exhausted from trying to decide whether to follow the consultant’s advice or my gut feeling.
All it took was a good hour’s sob to release the stress and my concerns.  Julie’s amazing listening and calming voice was exactly what I needed to put everything into perspective.
I now have regular monthly Reflexology to keep my body balanced and Reiki Healing for energy and calming my mind. As well as the healing and well-being treatments,  she is guiding me on my journey to learn to let go, move on, keep stress and tension to a minimum and enjoy every day.  So far so good….
Julie is a gentle, kind and caring person. Her professionalism and knowledge are perfect for me. I really look forward to seeing Julie each month – it is my hour of bliss and I always leave feeling energised, light, happy and relaxed
Julie is my preventative medicine.


My main reason for going on this journey was to lose weight, be a happier and healthier person and to learn to love myself for who I am.

Well, what a journey I have been on.

It has totally changed my outlook and best of all I DO LOVE MYSELF.

I honestly didn't believe that I could lose weight without dieting but with Julie’s help I have learned that it's not just about what we put in our mouths that's important.

I have lost 11 lbs whilst I have been on this journey. I can't thank Julie enough.

It hasn't always been easy, but she has taught me to be honest with myself, love myself more and best of all enjoy life. I certainly intend to do this!

Thank you Julie for all your listening and guidance to help me make a better life for me!

(St Neots, Cambs)

When I first met (Julie) I was staggered at how I could be communicating, talking to and giving my life story to a complete stranger!
However, I suddenly latched on to a lady who after our first meeting, I felt totally at peace with, totally calm with, and totally relaxed with.
When I became totally aware that there was actually somebody listening, somebody hearing, somebody relating to me, life became so much more pleasurable.
However, it’s up to the individual, to take on the advice that I was given, and although, at first, being very skeptical, I now believe that there is something, somewhere, that relates to all of this… how just one simple action opened my eyes to my life!
These last few months have been an absolute delight.


I contacted Julie when I was totally stuck in a rut.

I had lost my motivation and I wanted to fix my attitude, but had no idea how!

Julie and I had weekly sessions via Skype/FaceTime and each week we addressed different parts of my lifestyle. For some things, at first I thought "how has this got anything to do with my problem?!" but it's amazing how subconsciously everything plays a part in your mood and your well-being.
Julie is so caring, so knowledgeable and guides you to a healthier lifestyle, but without being pushy.

I never once felt like I was being judged.

If you need that push and guidance to a less stressful, more happy and healthy life; I can not recommend Julie enough!


When starting out on this course, I felt trapped, wanted change, was lost and didn't know which path the door to my happiness and success was. I had self doubt, lost my confidence and was deeply unhappy!

The next 12 weeks would give me highs, lows, epiphanies and ah-ha moments, show me more of the person I am, and how I can use my gifts to achieve success, confidence, radiance and happiness!

Working with Julie has been such a great experience. We've laughed, cried, challenged, worked through tough, self-loving skills and Julie has shown me that I do have the strength to achieve things myself and make them happen. I am in control.

I highly recommend this programme if, like me, you want a positive change, and to work with someone who listens, cares and challenges you into a positive place. It's not easy and yes, you need to be true to you, work hard and face personal challenges, but together you can achieve the impossible and make it possible!

Thank you Julie for what you have given me, I'm in such a better place.


When I first contacted Julie I was down and feeling overwhelmed. After my first session she helped me identify what I wanted to achieve.

Each session with Julie was so insightful. 8 weeks on, and I am now in a completely different mindset. I’m back to being interested and motivated in my studies. My eating habits have improved. I’ve realised the importance of fueling my body with what it needs, and eliminating anything that doesn’t make me feel good.

This journey with her has been so successful.

(Sicily, Italy)