My Services

Emotional Empowerment

Are you ready to awaken your feminine power and beauty and become the radiant role model you're destined to be?


My services provide you with the support you need to realise how capable and strong you are in your own right. I want you to feel confident and safe in your body with the freedom to be yourself and know how to heal yourself naturally.


This is your time to feel important in your own life.


Whilst the services below are listed separately, this isn't a "one-size fits all".

I work holistically, bringing together all my methods, to mentor, guide and empower your health and healing.


We will have a 20 minute complimentary consultation before committing to any of the sessions below. Sessions are held 1:1 over Zoom. Private in-person sessions are available on request at my location in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Mentoring & Guidance

Empowerment Session


This Empowerment session will be entirely unique to you and your needs, giving you the support and guidance you need to relieve anxiety and stress and achieve the transformation you desire.

This is a safe space where you will feel heard, seen and held, and leave feeling lighter and more in control. 

A follow up session then provides the support you need to cement in your transformation so you can create the steps you need to support yourself.

Length: Up to 90 minutes with 60 Minute follow up session and guidance in-between.


Price: £277

Empowered Woman


These 6 weekly sessions provide a safe container of consistent support that will help you to release your emotional baggage and stress, making you feel calmer and more confident to express yourself, leaving you equipped with the tools you need to move forward as the empowered woman you are.

Length: 6 weeks

Price: £1,377

Embodied Woman


This bespoke journey helps you to achieve the body and health you desire by creating the habit of self-love.

We will go through dietary and lifestyle change as well as transformational coaching to help you build a better relationship with your body and mind, giving you the energy and confidence to make healthier choices that are in alignment with how you want your life to be.

By the end of this course, you will embody the radiant role model you know you are inside, looking in the mirror and loving who you see every day. 

Length: 90 days

Price: £2,777

Facial Reflexology


Radiant Woman

This intimate journey leads you through a complete 28 day cycle, utilising the practical magic of Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology to reconnect you with your energetic intelligence.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your symptoms and become empowered to take charge of your health & healing on every level.

Plus, you'll leave equipped with a tool for life!


Guided 28 Day Journey:

  • 3 Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions over Zoom (In-Person options available on request)

  • Your own unique facial reflexology system based upon the needs of your physical & emotional health and well-being

  • Additional tools to support your journey throughout, including some or all of the following: Meditations, Emotional Release work, Dietary & Lifestyle Guidance

  • Unlimited email support

Price: £577

Introductory Session:

  • 90 minute Private Consultation over Zoom (In-Person options available on request)

  • Uncover the dominant element to best support your health on every level

  • Receive your own facial reflexology self-treatment protocol, specific to your needs, to guide yourself through a 21 Day cycle and create a new habit of self-care

  • Weekly accountability emails

Price: £197

Awakened Woman 

An explorational journey to activate and empower your energy as a woman. Utilising DCZ facial reflexology, you will build trust within and support your body’s natural cycle over 3 monthly cycles.

This beautiful journey is an opportunity for you to fully experience the magic you hold at your fingertips as you explore your cycle, no matter what stage in life you are in.

You will learn how to listen to and gain a deeper understanding of your body, your  needs and how to nurture yourself, aligning with your energetic intelligence to help relieve physical symptoms and better understand the body’s messages and wisdom to empower your energy.


Length: 3 months

Price: £2,777

I love to support women of all ages who want to feel entirely confident in their skin and to understand how to love themselves completely. My clients often want to consider themselves as role models; for their families, their own clients, as well as other women. They want to set a positive example for others in their life.


I work particularly with spiritual women over 40 who are approaching or going through the menopause. Rather than embracing this new stage in our lives, we often hide it and treat it as something to be ashamed of.


This absolutely should not be the case, and I’m here to help women understand their bodies and celebrate everything about them.

Whilst my services are aimed at women, self-love is vital for the health of all humanity. I will always welcome men who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to harness self-love to express their radiance and beauty.

Who I help

“Julie is an experienced, calm and nurturing coach. I have been working with Julie over the last six weeks and have loved our sessions together. She has gently guided me using different techniques and tools to help me to connect with myself again. As a coach myself, I found it invaluable to take a step back and invest in myself for my self care and my business growth. I recommend Julie to anyone who is feeling stuck and frustrated and wants to live a healthy life with a body they love.”


|Sanchia Aronberg|