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Do you struggle to ask for help?

Asking for help. That's tough. But I get it!

Opening your self up to receiving. Showing someone that you're vulnerable, or that you can't cope with a situation. You just don't do that. Because you're the one always giving and you're the one that's in control. Right????

Why should you get help anyway? What makes you so special?


Because YOU deserve it! Because YOU'RE worth it! Because YOU have needs. Because YOUR health matters. Because other people need YOU. Because YOU need YOU!!!

Perhaps you should ask your self this question:

What makes you so special NOT to have help?

You're too proud, afraid, ashamed.

You believe that getting help is a sign of weakness.

Well it's not!

It's a sign of intelligence and strength.

"No man is an island"!

We can't always do everything on our own.

Sometimes we need to to outsource that listening ear, that someone to lean on, that gentle push, stretch, guidance and motivation.

There is no shame in asking for help so you can achieve your goals and desires.

You've been trying all this time to do it on your own and so far you've not been able to make the changes that you want. No one can make those changes for you, but you can be supported so you can get to where you want to be.

If you REALLY want change then take ownership of your life.

Don't be afraid to get the help you need to become the catalyst for your own change!

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