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Reflexology - You won’t know until you try!

When you meet inspiring people they often have an inspiring story to tell about how they came to become the person they are today.

Many people ask me how and why I became a Reflexology Practitioner. Unfortunately I don’t have such an inspiring story. My first encounter with Reflexology was on a 2 day course, just to give it a go and see if I liked it, all because my husband told me to! His words, somewhere along the lines of: “ooh Reflexology is amazing, you should do that, you’d be really good at it”.

I’m sure there was an ulterior motive in there somewhere (lol) but nevertheless I did try it, it was amazing and whether you consider I’m good at it or not, I absolutely love sharing this gift with others.

And so my life-changing journey began. I immediately undertook a professional qualification in Reflexology and every year I continue my professional development learning something new and exciting about this wonderful healing modality and new ways to deliver its effectiveness, from pre-conception and pregnancy to providing simple relaxation to all walks of life.

Today I work mostly with Reflexology Lymph Drainage and Bergman Method Advanced Facial Reflexology.

Now I am proud to announce that I am a Practitioner at Operator level in Dien Chan Zone Facial Multi-Reflexology. You can find me on the register by clicking here: https://www.dienchanzone.com/operators-england-south

I tried it and guess what? I really, really like it! And I’ll be sharing more about this wonderful methodology very soon.

Just as I take my role seriously, I take your health and wellbeing seriously too and there are many ways I can help you if you’re suffering from Stress. The methods I use may not all work for you but I urge you to at least give them a try, just as I tried Reflexology all those years ago.

I wonder what I’d be doing now had I not been guided to try something new?

If you haven’t tried Reflexology before, I urge you to try it. You never know, you may like it. And like me, it may just change your life!

(World Reflexology Week 2018 commences 24-30 September and this year is celebrating the massive impact Reflexology has on helping to reduce stress. Please follow me on Facebook and visit the website as I’ll be sharing information about Reflexology and giving you the opportunity to try something new. Thanks for reading. Julie x)

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