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Keep it real

I'm sure there have been a few Resolutions made for this New Year.

Will you stick to them, or will they become a flash in the pan?

If you want your new year resolution to work then it's best to set goals that are realistic.

Deciding that you are going to go to the gym every day, run a marathon by next week or you are going to learn Japanese is all well and good in theory, but what about in practise?

Does your resolution fit in with your existing lifestyle? Can you afford it? What will you have to change to accommodate it? Will it affect anyone else?

There's a lot to consider when you want to make a lifestyle change - your partner, your kids, your social life for example - so make sure you choose the right change for you.

I believe we can always achieve our goals. We just need to plan and prepare in order to turn our dreams into reality.

- Reach for your goal but be prepared to work for it.

- Don't expect change overnight.

- Break your goal down into segments. Once you have achieved one segment then you can set your goal higher and move to the next segment.

There's nothing wrong with thinking big, but sometimes it's easier on our body and our mind to take small steps. 
If you take too big a leap and fall it can affect your emotions and you may well give up on your dream altogether.

A lot of the time the only thing that holds you back in life is you! Sometimes our minds play a tug of war with themselves. "You can do it", "No you can't", or "Do it tomorrow". Unfortunately the majority of what we think is quite negative.

If you're mind is fighting with itself or if you're struggling to stick to your goal try using positive affirmations to help yourself along.

Tell yourself "You are great", "You will achieve it". Keep your affirmations real and in the present. 

Practising affirmations is a way of sending messages to the subconscious mind letting it know that we're taking responsibility for our life and what we are creating.

It creates feelings of positivity which are beneficial for a healthy mind and body.

We all know that feeling of achievement, when you pass a test for example, or even the most simplest of things, such as finishing reading a book. It makes you feel so good, that rush of adrenalin makes you feel empowered, and feeling good not only radiates on the outside it works inside too, affecting the whole body, physically and emotionally.

My gosh, just how great can a person feel?

Now you are ready to set your next goal AND reach it!!

Here's to a happy and successful new year!

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