Julie Grint

Self Love Empowerment

Working together with you to discover the feminine power and beauty within and helping you to become more of the woman you are.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not recognising the woman looking back?

Now is your time to end the battle against your body and learn to embrace your feminine power and beauty. To stop pushing against your emotions and be empowered by your energy. To release your fears and doubts so you can trust your intuition and radiate confidence.

It’s time to become the role model that you want to be.

My holistic approach is a unique blend of intuitive coaching, health & lifestyle guidance and energy healing that brings your heart, mind, body & soul into the forefront of who you truly are. To feel confident in your skin, deeply connected with who you are and having the freedom to completely be yourself.


I’m here to give you all the tools you need to start that journey to self love.

Are you ready to embrace the woman you are?



I’m Julie - Intuitive Coach, Guide & Energy Healer - and I am so glad you are here, honouring the call to bring yourself closer to you.


So many of us go through life wondering who we are and who we should be. Even though we feel the pull inside, the pressure from society to "fit in" and "do it all" leads us further away from ourselves, causing us to relinquish our feminine power and beauty as we punish our bodies, fight against our emotions and second guess our own intuition.



My services are all about empowerment and self love, giving women the power and confidence to utilise their body how they choose and to live a happy and fulfilled life.


I am here to lead you, through a variety of different tools such as facial reflexology, emotional release, health and lifestyle changes and transformational coaching, to a path of true happiness so you can fall in love with your body, gain the confidence to express your beauty and learn to love yourself to the highest possibilities.


When you love and care for yourself, your power to love and care for others magnifies.


Facial Reflexology

Connect with the energetic intelligence of your body and enhance your health & healing, as you soothe your nervous system and empower your self-care.


Mentorship Circle

Navigate life wiht the tools and the support of other women as you journey through the cycles and easons of your integrate itinot your daliy life to achieve the success


3 Month Journey

Step into being the woman you want to be and awaken your true essence as you embrace your unique body and learn to love who you see in the mirror every day.

“Julie’s approach to Self-Love is special and unique. She met me exactly where I was and gently guided me through sessions to allow me to open up my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This openness has allowed me to be more comfortable with loving myself and be more confident in my relationships. Our work together has strengthened my overall confidence and resilience.”

| Rachel Kolstad Bartz |