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Welcome to my Group Offerings, your opportunity to co-create transformation in your life and be held up by other women in a safe, supportive environment.


Here you'll find a unique blend of courses and workshops to lead you on your journey of self-love empowerment.

Cosmic Inner Goddess - Women's Circles

You are invited to make time for something very important - You!


As a woman, learning to create space and stillness in your busy life is paramount for your health and for the health of those who you love to support and care for.


These circles are a safe space for you to be heard, be held, let go and relax with other women who want to reconnect with themselves and experience self-love.

Location: UK, Cambridgeshire

Length: Up to 2 Hours

Price: £20

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The Self Love Programmme

Sign up now for October 2022!


I am so excited to invite you into this space of self-love and healing, brought to you with my good friend and phenomenal healing teacher, Andy Carter.


This really is a co-creation of love that will open your heart to higher dimensions.


We would love for you to join us and urge you to reserve your space NOW to avoid disappointment. This is a group programme and space is limited to ensure a high level of support.

For further details visit The Self Love Programme site here.

Length: 7 weeks & starts 17 October 2022.

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Price: £397

Finding the Physical You

This intimate group workshop is a beautiful introduction to learning to listen to your body and care for yourself in ways that feel good.

It's where you'll dedicate time to gain the practical tools so you can utilise your body to reduce stress and enhance your health, beauty and well-being.

Dates for 2022 to be announced.

Length: 2 Hours

Price: £77


Awakened & Empowered Women


Come join the Facebook Community of awakened women and be inspired to get in tune with your body to harness your intuition and enhance your health and well-being in a safe, female only group.

Free to join.

The Self Love Programme | Julie Grint

“I absolutely loved this workshop. The content was really helpful, well taught and delivered in a really easy-to-understand way. I particularly liked how this workshop had the perfect balance of teaching and interaction. I came away feeling good about myself and knowing that there were tangible things I could put into place to start making a difference to my life right away.”


|Sarah Ibrahim|